Petals Panties



Petals Panties by Lady Hike. Ingenious front opening panties allow you to urinate STANDING UP. With Petals under your dress or skirt, you will be relieved without ever being exposed.

These are the newest version (#3) of our Revolutionary Petals, made of a lightweight, soft, breathable, quick drying, moisture wicking, antimicrobial fabric and secured with snaps.

Designed to stay in place during strenuous activities, with Petals you will be relieved without being exposed.

(Patent Pending)

Material and Care

Our silky Lady Hike fabric (96%poly, 4%spandex) is amazingly durable and so easy to care for. Wash on regular again and again, and it quickly air dries and is ready to go. Did I mention this dress is perfect for travel and backpacking?

Shipping and Returns

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