Our Story

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

– Albert Einstein

Our Mission

At Lady Hike our mission is to embrace the beauty of womanhood, no matter the activity, and to use our innovative thinking to change the world of outdoor women's apparel for the better.

Our Vision

At Lady Hike we are dedicated to providing you with functional clothing that makes you look (and feel) your best, regardless of what adventures you tackle today!

Our founder

Meet Samantha

“I was made to create.”

“I’m a happy wife, blessed mother, clothing designer, painter and singer and find myself happiest in colorful paintings, lovely songs and beautiful dresses.  No matter where I am, I am wearing a dress!  In fact, I do not own a single pair of pants.  As a fabric artist, 15 years ago, when no one had ever heard of hiking dresses or skirts, I was creating my own pretty, hiking clothing line, as well as my unique hiking underwear (now sold worldwide!).  Lady Hike, my ever-growing outdoor brand for women, is nestled away in the quite mountains of southern New Mexico.“