Swim Dress Wide Straps

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Our Swimdress is truly ONE of a kind! She is excellent for minimalist. No more cover-ups or shorts are needed to make you feel comfortable while wearing a swimming suit.

Our built-in Petals Panties sets this Swim Dress apart! These are front opening panties that allow you to easily urinate without the hassle of pulling your wet swimming suit down and back up again. This sewn in feature is so convenient! When you want to open the garment, simply use the pull tab and then tuck the piece back. When you want to close the garment, quickly re-snap and go. Using strong snaps, the garment is guaranteed to stay in place.

Our swim dress has a high low skirt that offers comfortable coverage. Go ahead get down in the sand and PLAY! Focus on making those memories not on feeling over exposed! Our Lady Swim Dress promises to keep it G-rated. AND I found the perfect fabric for this swim dress skirt. It dries unbelievably FAST so it effortlessly stays in place getting in and out of the water!

IMPORTANT! Please measure and order one size up!

WHY I created the Lady Hike SwimDress:

“I wanted to be as comfortable as my happy husband in his board shorts and T-Shirt! I wanted to be able to get down and play in the sand with my boys, and not worry about WHAT I was showing the world. I wanted to be able to surf without losing my top in the crashing waves. I wanted a minimal one-piece that I could put on, hike to the water hole, jump in and drip dry on the walk back. AND I definitely wanted my patented Petals Panties built-in to my swimming suit. “ -Sam

Material and Care

Our silky Lady Hike fabric (96%poly, 4%spandex) is amazingly durable and so easy to care for. Wash on regular again and again, and it quickly air dries and is ready to go. Did I mention this dress is perfect for travel and backpacking?

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