Sunblock Shrug Glacier



Lady Hike’s one-piece Sunblock Shrugs offer a minimalist solution for arm protection against the elements.

I was tired of slathering pure zinc on my arms and hands and still having burned knuckles after weeks of ridge hiking along the Continental Divide Trail, so I first created detachable sleeves. Those have morphed into our new Sunblock Shrug. Like our Willow sleeves, the Shrug has the unique cut in the armpits that allows natural ventilation. This is a one piece that “hugs” the back of the neck, shoulders, arms and provides full coverage down to your knuckles. We also have two thumbs holes for ease in sizing the arm length. Theses sleeves are so versatile! It is perfect for chilly mornings, whether you are running a marathon or just hanging around camp. It folds up into a small square, so you can easily stow it in one of our many pockets. AND It is also very cooling when soaked in water. On my recent rim to rim day hike across the Grand Canyon, it was both sunblock and cooling as I soaked at water crossings as needed.

Ideal for hikers, cyclists, and equestrians.

Order one size smaller than your normal top, as sizing needs to be snug to stay in place. Available in sizes S, M, L with our two thumb holes for arm length.

HAPPY TO HELP! This is one of my unique creations, so if in doubt on what size to order, email our team at

Material and Care

Our silky Lady Hike fabric (96%poly, 4%spandex) is amazingly durable and so easy to care for. Wash on regular again and again, and it quickly air dries and is ready to go. Did I mention this dress is perfect for travel and backpacking?

Shipping and Returns

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