Game Day Shorts



If you are a dress girl, you will LOVE these shorts and the checkered pattern just makes me want to tackle the day!  I describe this fabric as creamy, soft silk spandex.  It is so comfortable! I created these awesome under-dress-shorts that offer comfort, stay where we want them, and give us that extra modesty. I am constantly jumping on and off a bike, playing on the playground up high, or battling the New Mexico wind. With these shorts underneath, I am free to be active WITHOUT flashing my friends and kids.  I also moved the inseam to the front of the shorts, making a smooth rub between our lovely lady thighs. And of course, I put two BIG pockets on both sides of these shorts. You do realize, if you are wearing these under a Lady Hike dress, you will have SIX pockets! Lol! Your welcome! 

Wash on regular again and again, and they quickly air dry and are ready to go.

My shorts are designed for travel.  The pockets are a perfect, safe place for your Passport (especially under your dress).  I also purposely make the waist to be comfortable when sitting for long drives or flights.  I appreciate tight bike shorts that hold me in and flatten my stomach, but I carefully crafted the waist of these shorts to be comfortable on a real woman’s abdomen all day, everyday.  

When you invest in my designs, I believe you will love the way you look, and this will increase those positive vibes that effect EVERYTHING we do in our daily life! Lady Hike clothing can be worn year-round. In the fall, I begin layering up my Lady Hike pieces with warm leggings, cozy tops and fun boots and hats! Check out our Lady Hike Community page on FB or Instagram to see our practical, yet fun style.

Material and Care

Our silky Lady Hike fabric (96%poly, 4%spandex) is amazingly durable and so easy to care for. Wash on regular again and again, and it quickly air dries and is ready to go. Did I mention this dress is perfect for travel and backpacking?

Shipping and Returns

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