Black and Blue Everyday Dress



With it's lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabric and lots of pockets, this dress is loved by most women. Sleeveless for a nice summer day hike or out and about running errands. Nursing friendly. The lay of this dress is flattering on many different body types.

Our Lady Hike fabric is amazingly durable and so easy to care for. When I picked this print, I was skeptical, thinking it would stain, but I’m happy to say I have trashed my prototype (even black charcoal from fire) and it keeps coming out the the regular wash clean.

You will also find this is the perfect travel dress, packing up to a small, tight cylinder and NEVER wrinkles.

Why You'll Love It

This dress is made with a breathable wrinkle free fabric. The lay of our Everyday Dress is flattering on many different body types (I designed it for this). AND you will always be able to get to the items in your deep pockets because I placed them with your backpack or baby carrier in mind. It is nursing friendly (yes, I spent the last 12 years of my life pregnant or nursing). And speaking of pregnant…I wore this signature style dress during pregnancy and after! This fabric fluctuates with you! I also like to belt this dress when I am feeling it. This is my number one, useful gift for any of my pregnant friends!

Material and Care

Our silky Lady Hike fabric (96%poly, 4%spandex) is amazingly durable and so easy to care for. Wash on regular again and again, and it quickly air dries and is ready to go. Did I mention this dress is perfect for travel and backpacking?

Shipping and Returns

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Designs Inspired by Motherhood

Real Pockets and Wrinkle Free Fabric

My Everyday Dresses are made with a lightweight and breathable wrinkle free fabric and feature two large side seam ZIPPING pockets which are awesome for travel, running errands, or family days!

Made By Real Women for Real Women

When designing this, I wanted a dress that was supportive up top, and flowed out from there. I created this style to specifically NOT cling to my mid-section or hips. I absolutely love the way it turned out and think you will too

- Sam, Founder of Lady Hike